What to expect in Totara v9

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Totara v9 is coming, soon, but what can you expect from this exciting new release?

Seminar Management

The updates to the in-person training management and booking system within Totara 9 is more than just a name change. The new Seminars module provides site admin with a range of new tools to efficiently create and coordinate offline training events across the site including a configurable and searchable administration dashboard.

With the ability to create assets within the system, you can book the required equipment, trainers and services for every session and new approval options, giving you greater flexibility to run in-person training the way you want.

New look and feel

Totara 9 sees us moving towards a more modern default design and improved user experience of Totara LMS.

Including a new default theme, menu design and new font-based icons on top of a new core forms library, you will have the foundations for creating exciting new themes and an engaging learning environment.

Dynamic assignment of Learning Plans

Totara 9 allows you to automatically create a new learning plan for every member of an audience as soon as they are added to the group. Perfect for managing induction programs and succession planning.

Quick access to relevant learning

Providing quick and easy access to Programs, Certifications and Courses, the new ‘My Current Learning’ block allows learners to see at glance what learning they need to undertake alongside completion dates.

Restart learning from where you left off

Navigating back to the last course you were working on has never been easier for learners and trainers alike, with the new ‘Last Course Accessed’ block. Featuring a link to the completion requirements for the course, learners can check on their progress to date.

Support for multiple job roles

Totara 9 allows you to capture the different roles and responsibilities your staff hold across the organisation and which line managers are responsible for each job assignment.

For Seminar Events that require manager approval, learners can choose to select which manager should receive the booking approval request. This allows the corresponding budget holders to approve attendance and manage team member schedules.

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Allow users to share the same email address

Totara 9 now allows users to have the same email account listed against their profile - perfect for staff sharing a company email address within a store or across a small team.

New types of quiz questions

You can now build drag-and-drop questions...

Accessibility improvements

With testing against WCAG 1, WCAG 2 and Section 508 standards, Totara 9 sees further improvements to accessibility and the use of screen readers, including the removal of HTML-based tables and labels for links, images and menus.

Improved performance with PHP7

Good news for large and complex installations of Totara LMS - with version 9 now supporting PHP7, sites will likely see significant performance improvements.

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