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Updated: Dec 13, 2019

We work with some of the largest NHS and private healthcare providers in the UK, and have been working in the healthcare domain now for many years. My own personal background was in L&OD for a large NHS Trust and prior to that Further Education. We care about Healthcare.

But what does Healthcare need from an LMS? And why do they look towards Totara as a solution?

NHS budgets are tight; we all hear about it in the news. Every time there is a change in government they cut budgets here, there and all over the place. It's public funded so they have to manage their budgets appropriately and sensibly. Totara carries a small annual subscription, but its tiny in comparison to proprietary LMSs. Less than the cost of a single administrator per year, yes that low! Its a cost effective and sensible procurement decision.

Staff working in healthcare are busy; very busy. They struggle to find protected time to undertake their learning, whether it be core mandatory training, job specific learning or professional development. Any system that is deployed in healthcare must be easy to access, with content available in the first 1-2 clicks. Anything more, and the LMS will get in the way of their patients.

Totara homepages can be easily customised to different staff groups. Your nurse and

midwife population can have buttons /links on the homepage that are only visible to them. Medical staff can have a different homepage upon login, admin and clerical another, senior management another; and so on. They only need to see what’s necessary and Totara facilitates this for them.

For staff in their induction phase, you can just have a homepage relevant to new-starters so they don’t get confused with the learning they need to complete – and when they’ve completed the learning the homepage can change automatically.

Why have a system that has all it’s functionality on the homepage when some users only need a few key links? We keep it simple.

There are a lot of core mandatory topics all healthcare staff must undertake and renew on an ongoing basis, so they need to see what is due ‘now’. They don’t want to see a long list of training and have to work out when to do each - a lot of LMSs are overwhelming …!

Totara Certifications are shown in a screen that only shows what to do 'today' and leaves all the topics that don’t need attention hidden until they need to see them. Staff only see the subset of training which reduces the burden on the individual and makes it more achievable in the time they have.

On top of this we provide easy to use and real time compliance reports both in RAG and detailed format to managers so that they can roster in time to allow staff to keep in date. And how about a pie chart on the homepage to show overall compliance by user, team or division. Easy. Quick. Straightforward.

Over all Totara LMS is highly customisable, easy to use, open-source and very affordable. What’s not to like?

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