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We are often asked by potential customers why they should work with us. I could make up marketing blurb that we are the 'number 1 provider' and that we are 'amazing' ....


We know that the reason to work with us is based on our previous interactions with our customers and our track record in getting stuff done.

I asked a few of our customers if they would write me a letter of recommendation that we could use in a tender, and a few really stood out. So I then asked if I could blog a couple of them. Below is one of the letters from a large NHS Trust in the north of England. I liked what they had to say.

I think you will too.

"The reason that we moved to Chambury Learning Solutions is that they offer more than just a “vanilla” Totara installation and support package to us.

As an organisation, we have been using Moodle and then Totara since 2012. Chambury handled quite a complex migration and upgrade process from our previous partner. We use Totara functionality extensively (Certifications, Programs, Appraisals, Face to Face seminars etc) and therefore came with significant legacy data, some existing Moodle plugins and a custom development our previous partner had undertaken which needed to be rewritten from scratch as part of the upgrade process.

Chambury were able to move us across smoothly, minimising downtime while ensuring that existing data was safely handled.

Chambury have created a set of custom extensions to Totara which turn it into a much more versatile and functional package, this included;

  • Custom blocks and enhancements to existing blocks. In particular, we have found their custom report and graph blocks to be an excellent way to surface and present data.

  • A “standard” custom theme which combines the best elements of the default Totara themes with additional controls and features to control the nuances. Requiring minimal messing around on our side to get the result we want.

  • New report sources which allow information to be presented in a range of useful ways, especially in relation to Certifications and Programs. This has been particularly useful for allowing staff and managers to take ownership of compliance with learning.

Working with Chambury is very much a partnership.

Chambury are great at providing the basic support you would expect from your system supplier, but also handling the significantly more complex requests that we often make of them. They have been patient and thorough in testing potential issues we’ve identified, liaising with Totara HQ where necessary and advocating on our behalf.

The Chambury team really engage with their clients, both with the very useful Customer Conferences and regular communications to keep everyone up to date and are eager to get customer input on custom development direction and improvements to existing developments."

That's about it. I think they like and value working with us. I'd make a bet that you would too.

Like what you just read ..?

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