• Rebecca Iveson

Covid-19 Learning Resources

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

The current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which began in December 2019, presents a significant challenge for the entire world. This is a new virus, and new technology and the increasing connectivity of our world mean that our plans need to be kept up to date, to reflect that illnesses.

Everyone can help support the UK’s response by:

  • Following public health authorities’ advice, for example on hand washing

  • Reducing the impact and spread of misinformation by relying on information from trusted sources, such as that on www.nhs.uk/

  • Checking on elderly or vulnerable family, friends and neighbours

  • Accepting that the advice for managing COVID-19 for most people will be selfisolation at home and simple over the counter medicines

For all our NHS and healthcare customers you can embed the eLfH eLearning AICC link into your Totara Learn LMS using the SCORM activity plugin.

There is also information on the Nursing Times website that you may find useful here.

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