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Elysium develops new Learning and Development pathways that support career progression

Updated: Jan 27

Elysium Healthcare set out to provide straightforward, accessible and empowering information to their people on the learning, development and career opportunities available inline with their KITE principle. With a commitment to offering a career for life, not just a job for now. Elysium Healthcare use Totara to support them in taking big strides forward in their approach.

… Elysium has always provided great opportunities for employees to advance their knowledge and develop their careers. But with so many choices finding what fits and then making the right choice has not always been easy. Our Totara based ‘My Elysium Learning’ [MEL] now delivers a “one stop shop” with a structure and content that is inspiring - helping signpost employees so they are able to make the right choices for them.

The results speak for themselves with an uplift in employees doing formal qualifications of 68% in 12 months. We are now truly delivering on our vision to provide a career for life, not just a job for now …

Human Resources Director

After joining Elysium in 2018, Elysium's Head of Learning and Development extensively redesigned their Totara Learn LMS with Chambury Learning Solutions because;

  • The LMS was not being utilised anywhere near to it’s capability;

  • The look and feel was outdated and did not reflect the Elysium brand;

  • The set-up and navigation caused internal frustration and poor metric reporting;

  • The lack of visibility of the core learning offer was causing sites to constantly reinvent;

  • The ROI was low with poor engagement in the technology;

As well as working with Chambury on the design elements, Elysium engaged Practical Change Partners to support them in building and delivering a new learning strategy, with Totara at the heart of their plans for a future proof learning framework that would enable a one stop shop for all things learning, development and careers.

Alongside the system rebuild with the advent of Covid-19, existing face to face training like induction and overseas nurse training all had to be rebuilt overnight to enable virtual delivery, along with new training programmes that had to be designed to support changes in infection control protocols and the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Elysium wanted a site that looked like them. Reflecting the organisation. It's culture. It's values. It's amazing people. It is commitment to career progression from within. The result is an engaging Totora Learning platform that employees can access at any time, from anywhere. On any device.

The impact on user engagement has been astounding;

Elysium Healthcare's case study was submitted to the Totara Best Healthcare Project Awards 2020. Whilst it didn't win the overall award they did receive a 'special mention' at 9 minutes 46 seconds which they were excited to hear.

Find out more in Elysium's new case study here

… Career development pathways have opened up such a huge range of possibilities for my teams. Its really important from the point of recruitment into our organisation that employees can see clear ways to develop and progress - this attracts people on our hospitals and homes who are engaged and proactive in their learning from the outset .We can then utlise these pathways and opportunities in performance and development conversations, talent and succession planning, and learning management. It has been a fantastic step forward for us in our employment offer and we have seen this is something that is important to staff retention – our surveys highlight this as well as our exit interviews …

Operations Director

Learning Management. Solved.



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