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Totara named as a market leading corporate LMS

Totara Learn has been named a Market Leader in the corporate learning management system (LMS) space by Featured Customers in their 2020 Customer Success Report.

The Market Leader title, the highest ranking in the report, is awarded to vendors on FeaturedCustomers.com with a substantial customer base and market share. This title means that Totara has one of the highest ratios of customer success content, content quality score and social media presence relative to its size.

Contributing factors in this ranking include Totara’s 670 customer reviews, 4.7/5 customer ratings, company presence, profile views and more. Customers cite the flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness and ability to customise Totara Learn as some of their top reasons for choosing Totara.

This is Totara’s second year in a row in the top category, demonstrating a sustained high performance and commitment to customer satisfaction.

One of Totara’s biggest strengths is its flexibility to meet such a diverse range of customers’ needs. Organisations understand that Totara provides them with the freedom to meet their needs without having to compromise and that’s one of the reasons you’ll see so many positive customer testimonials. Totara’s flexibility coupled with Totara Partners working hard across the world ensures people feel listened to, understood and supported in meeting their diverse business requirements.

Matt Linaker, Customer Success Manager at Totara

Thousands of Totara customers also take advantage of the Totara Community, where learning professionals from around the world come together and collaborate with their peers. Members discover how to get the most out of their platform by accessing the Totara Academy to feel confident in managing their systems. 

The NHS, VirginCare, US Department of Agriculture, Samsung, Lidl, Indeed, and JetBlue are just some of the 1,800 happy Totara customers around the world. With the imminent launch of the Totara Talent Experience Platform (TXP) and the recent Five V Capital investment, Totara is in a strong position to grow substantially in the coming years.

Find out more about Totara’s customer stories here, or access the full 2020 Customer Success Report here.

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