Totara is transforming workplace learning with a powerful, flexible, and open platform that adapts to the unique needs of your business. Whether your needs are learning management (LMS), performance management, or employee engagement, Totara has it covered.

Chambury Learning Solutions is a Totara Platinum Partner



A learning technologies customer is not a consumer. You are a creator, producer, problem-solver, innovator. Open innovation is empowering. Create the platform you want, rather than being forced to compromise. Adapt to changing circumstances and future-proof your investment. Be true to your mission. 



With Totara it’s not ‘one-size-fits-all’; it’s ‘what solution suits you?’ Chambury Learning Solutions offers you a real choice of value-added expertise. You get all the freedom, flexibility and benefits of Totara with the attentiveness and personalised service of a Platinum partner. 


Get rid of expensive software licensing and locked-down contracts. Save up to 80% of the total cost of ownership compared to other leading enterpriseclass learning platforms. Maximize your budget and invest where it really counts – your learners.



Learning experience design (LX Design) starts with understanding your learners and putting them at the centre of the learning experience. Totara’s open, flexible framework enables you to create engaging learning experiences, deliver seamless environments, improve teamwork, manage compliance, and far beyond.



Totara Learn separates the activities that staff completed into learning pathways, giving them complete flexibility to determine the best route from start to finish that suits their personal learning style.

Activities then form courses, which form one-off programmes, or renewable Certifications and detailed learning plans enable the organisation to track and report on compliance at any level.

These can contain classroom events, SCORM content, quizzes and formal testing, assignments that can be submitted for marking and more.  Resources can also be added into learning paths including linked files, external links, embedded media and graphics.

Based upon a combination of these trackable completions are created with the option to allow users to download customised, organisationally branded completion certificates and complete online evaluation forms.

Alongside this Totara includes full management of your user data including links to multiple job assignments including organisational hierarchies, positions and managers to enable full compliance reporting at any level. 

Totara works on PCs, Mac, IoS, Android with fully responsive screens meaning your users can access learning from any device anywhere with an internet connection. No 'App' required.


Totara gives organisations integrated appraisal tools linked to the users learning record, that provides you with the ability to create fully bespoke appraisal forms, customisable 360 feedback forms, cascade-able goals /objectives, pulse surveys and action planning.

Users can be assigned different forms for annual reviews and induction /probation periods, including fixed media, images and embedded compliance reports. You have total flexibility allowing you to determine who can view, answer or be required to respond at multiple levels.

Objective frameworks can be created and cascaded to users based on their role, department or any combination along with a personal development plan where staff and managers can create local objectives to be measured.

Users can get the full picture using the 360 feedback, sending requests for feedback from internal and /or external recipients which can be anonymous or named and self-reflect on their feedback.

Add to this fully cascade-able competences to get the full picture of knowledge and skill across your organisation easily allowing you to manage the talent in your workforce.



Totara Social is an open source Enterprise Social Network (ESN) designed to manage and connect your people to the knowledge and resources within your organisation.


Social learning and networking is essential for collaborative working in the internet age. While public social networks have become part of our daily lives, the co-creation of content, communication, sharing of ideas, resources and company policies needs secure spaces for your organisation or extended enterprise. You should own your data and set your own policies for its usage!


Totara Social opens the flow of knowledge and is a catalyst for collaboration throughout your organisation. Social learning is about conversation and collaboration. It is centred on individuals coming together often in unstructured ways – sharing and creating new information, bouncing ideas around, asking questions and finding out what’s really happening.


Use Totara Social as your Enterprise Social Network to become more adaptable, to learn, share information and innovate at speed. Complement the organising power of the LMS with Totara Social – fun, social, effective!


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